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Desert Eagle is the first truly functional Magnum-caliber semi-automatic, single action pistol. Gas operated, with non-adjustable gas system, rotating bolt for positive lock-up. Large extractor claw for very dependable extraction process. Now available in four calibers .357, .44, .440 Cor-Bon, .50 AE

Development started in 1979. First Introduced on the market in 1983 as Mark I model. Originally an American idea first was produced in Israel by IMI (that stands for Israeli Military Industry). US exporter and later manufacturer – Magnum Research Inc.(Minneapolis). Though in 2000 production has been moved back to Israel, for that Saco Defence was sold.



This Mighty Gun has been Polished to a mirror finish and Plated in 24K Gold. Our Plating technology is not electroplating which fades off .. It is actually Gold Fusion technology done under high heat and high pressure which fusses a layer of gold equivalent to 5% to the base metal, it will never fade away and last the life time of the gun.